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Summit-Tec was established in January 2008 in Cyprus and in 2013 in Greece by people with experience in business development, products and services. Within a relatively short period since its creation, Summit-Tec succeeded revolutionized the field of technology accompanied by impressive results; today, Summit-Tec seems ready to come through (overcome) all the challenge appeared in the Greek business world.


The Company operates in the following areas:.

  • Production of Open Source Software designed to produce a Content Management System.
  • Development of web and multimedia (internet & multimedia) applications of high standards, using the most modern methods and tools for design / construction.
  • Supply and maintenance services for equipment and software.
  • Online Reservation of domain names ending with. CY,. GR,. EU,. Com,. Net,. Org,. Info, and other more 16 endings as well.
  • E-Commerce applications.
  • Web Hosting applications. (Web Hosting).
  • Consulting services to companies with high technical skill and professionalism.  Having acquired a thorough knowledge of the market, Summit-Tec is able to exploit all the fresh technological devices and resources aiming mainly to the high and best service of its clients and to the supply of quick and useful solutions concerning Internet problems. Our main concern is the continuous and close contact with our customers, the understanding of their needs, consistently with the aesthetic satisfaction and the excellent functionality of applications, and supply of services in truly competitive prices.

Datacenter, equipment & network technologies used by Summit-Tec

For the best and most secure operation of its customers’ Internet sites all the websites provided by Summit-Tec are hosted on Dedicated Root Server in Europe.
Dedicated Root Servers

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600 Dual Core / 4GB RAM DDRII / HDD 2 x 500GB SATAII / Dual Gbit LAN

Unlimited Bandwidth

High Availability Server Cluster using Drbd / Heartbeat

Total bandwidth of the data center:
100 Gbit / s consisting of
Deutsche Telekom (2x 10 GBit),
Level(3) (2x 10 GBit),
LambdaNet (2x 10 GBit),
DeCIX (2x 10 GBit),
GlobalCrossings (10 GBit) and other smaller